“I believe that dreams can come true if you work hard enough for them and always keep trying” – Latoya Lovell BSc,

Abou me

Latoya Lovell is a freelance writer from South East London and <strong><em> mother to model</em></strong>

Latoya Lovell is a freelance writer from South East London and mother to model/actor Antoine Hoyte-Lovell. She has had articles published online and in print for We Are Collision a London Fashion Lifestyle Magazine. Latoya is interested in Music (she has a grade five in Piano) Hair and Beauty and so she either interviews people from these areas or attends events dedicated to them. Whilst working as a freelance writer Latoya has managed to interview people ranging from Ghetts to Melissa Steele and has more recently met the Editor in Chief of Vogue UK, Alexandra Shulman,at the Vogue Festival 2015.

After going through a stage of depression following a difficult year Latoya embarked upon her first novel of a planned five part series based on some of her life events. Transforming her negative experiences into inspiration for her villains in her novel and incorporating supernatural powers to the 3 female main characters of the book. The Critrun series will debut in October 2019.

More recently Latoya Lovell is taking the UK by storm with her Creative Content and new series ‘Break Up Bootcamp’ a 10 day program designed to empower women going through a hard time. The first series will be launched November 2017 and will follow Latoya as she embarks on the programme herself.